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Jon Weisbaum

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Jon manages Etico's scalable tech stack. Jon comes to Quartz from IBM’s Science and Forecast Operations team where he was responsible for building cloud infrastructure, and leveraging AI to produce the most used and most accurate weather forecasts in the world. These forecasts were used by iOS, Android, Google, Facebook, and Amazon Alexa weather reports, as well as by numerous aviation, energy, insurance, and trading companies.


Jon previously worked as an engineer in the Ads organization at Google. In this role, he designed new ad formats and privacy compliant APIs that scaled to Google scale. He worked extensively on addressing the impact of GDPR and CCPA in the ads ecosystem and making sure top app developers continued to monetize successfully. Jon also led contractor engagements and managed the development of an in-house support system. 


Prior to Google, Jon cut his teeth at numerous venture backed mobile app companies in the San Fran Bay Area. As an early employee, Jon was tasked with “going from 0 to 1” - building apps that achieve product-market fit, while establishing the tech, practices, and culture that would be required to scale to millions of users. His apps always had excellent ratings and a bulletproof user experience. 


Jon is a lifelong learner and has a B.A. in Computer Science from Thomas Edison State University.

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