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Open Architecture Ecosystem

Your clients have unique investing goals. Etico's open architecture investment  ecosystem is refreshingly different and can help you design optimal investment outcomes. Seamlessly trade across all or a single account. Set up automatic rebalancing or dynamically as markets shift. Our seasoned investment team is always available when you need them. They can help you with client meetings, analyze portfolios and create innovative personalized portfolios for your clients.

Dynamically Deliver Comprehensive Solutions.

  • Turnkey Asset Management Platform

  • Unified Managed Account

  • Separately Managed Account

  • 401K Plan

  • Alternative Investment

  • Structure Product

  • Stock

  • Bond

  • Option & Margin

  • Mutual Fund

  • Annuity

  • Life Insurance

Outsourced CIO


Our investment team is an extension of your practice. Having your own O-CIO allows you to tap into their expertise and helps increase your value proposition. 

Tailored Portfolio Solution

Our investment process allows us to tailor portfolios with a higher level of investment expertise. Select custom portfolios or utilize our turnkey models. Access unique insights from our investment team into what's moving the markets. Use branded client friendly marketing pieces, commentary and proposals, and to help differentiate your value proposition.

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