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Turnkey Employer Plans


Etico has a turnkey, cost efficient solution where our investment management team does all the heavy lifting. We curate a fund menu from a universe of over 10,000 funds utilizing a repeatable process focused on performance and cost efficiency.

Intuitive Turn-Key Platform


Our plan is comprehensive and doesn't require any heavy lifting or outside services. The platform empowers employers to dynamically view information and make changes quickly. 

Intelligent Investments

As a 3(38) fiduciary, plan investments are curated from a list of individual funds, including target date funds, with a focus on fees and suitability.


Our own Quartz Partners risk-based portfolios that adapt to changing market environments, are also made available within the plan at no additional cost. 

Cost Efficient

Each dollar spent on plan fees is one less for an employees retirement or growing a business. Our plans are designed to drastically lower plan fees while providing a better total retirement plan solution.

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